Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Story

A crazy girl from the hills of Kentucky decided she was as tough and as smart as all the boys (and she was) and she wanted to prove it... So she packed up, left home and joined the Army. Meanwhile, some 900 miles away, an equally crazy boy from Texas decided his life needed a change... So, he too joined the army. The life lessons they learned from basic never prepared them for what would happen next.

These two met...

Crazy boy chased crazy girl around but crazy girl had no idea. Eventually, the stars alined and they were both captured in a moment that would forever be life changing. Love happened, and it didn't just happen, these two were so crazy in love that it was like the Fourth of July every time they saw each other. His effect on her was cosmic. The butterflies, the racing hearts, the undeniable feeling of completeness-- it was perfection in its most natural form. After a 4 month whirlwind romance, Crazy Boy decided they should get married, and of course Crazy Girl agreed. (I know my mother in law is going to read this, so if I may interject and apologize for not telling you any of this stuff then, SORRY!) No one took them seriously, but how could they?! It didn't matter though... These two crazy kids found themselves in a beautiful happenstance.

Of course, I'm sure you gathered that I am talking about my husband, Airan, and myself and thinking holy cow, 4 months? Yeah, we were the epitome of crazy but I don't regret our irrational decision, not even for moment. Today, we've been together almost 6 years and still there are butterflies.However, there are also times when I think he's just absolutely nuts, and drives me crazy! But even then, I'm happy and content. Two years ago, we were blessed with a beautiful son, Aidan William.He's our blonde hair, blue eyed, polite, intelligent, everything we could wish for, little boy. We found so much joy in being his parents we decided to have another one! (Agains, we are crazy!) Now we have a 10 month old little girl, Aliza Grace. She is equally as great with sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, so intelligent and motivated, and so cute with her one tooth grin. However, she is a little more daring than her brother and I can feel the grey hairs coming in ^_^

Our life isn't cookie cutter, we didn't follow any traditional plans... But we are right where we want/need to be.

Today, we are stationed (Airan is still in the military, I am not) in Anchorage, Alaska! NEVER imagined we would be here, and was quite apprehensive about this move considering how comfortable we were at Fort Lewis, WA. It turned out to be an amazing adventure, though. My Aunt and Uncle live across the street from us-- again a beautiful happenstance, I've made several friends, been site seeing and even taken on new hobbies. We've been quite adventurous not only with site seeing but with our taste buds too! So far, I've had moose burger, moose sausage, caribou burger, reindeer sausage, and an assortment of salmon... What can I say, living here has been tastey. YUMM

Well this is all for the first post! Stay tuned for more to come!